Who is this guy with Luka Magnotta?

October 24, 2014 // Trial News

On May 18th 2012, Luka Magnotta lured this man to his apartment and videotaped him unconscious … footage which just happens to appear at the beginning of the murder tape. This was five days before Magnotta killed Jun Lin. Despite an exhaustive search, Montreal police have not been able to identify him.

Who is he? … is he even still alive?


The murder tape was made from raw video files that were later recovered from Magnotta’s camera by computer crimes detective Panagiotis Sarganis. Jurors watched the full tape which included the actual sounds recorded during the murder. Without the music from the online version, the court endured the sounds of dozens stab wounds inflicted on Jun Lin. The video revealed Lin’s throat had been slashed prior to the brutal stabbings. The forensic pathologist who performed Lin’s autopsy told the court earlier this month the most likely cause of death was the cut to the throat.

Here we go again with this Luc Leclair again … seriously dude, WTF is going on?

During cross examination Leclair insinuated a second perpetrator may have been present the night of Lin’s killing. Leclair asked Sarganis several questions along that line … Was the arm seen in one sequence where water is running over a body part indeed Magnotta’s? Was it Magnotta who moved the camera and switched the function from still to video photography?

This Leclair reminds me of Bernardo’s lawyer … yeah, the guy who retrieved and kept the murder tapes for a year … while Karla Homolka was making her sweetheart deal.

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