The Luka Magnotta Trial will start on September 15th 2014

April 29, 2013 // Trial News

I am not surprised that the trial is starting two years after the death of Jun Lin … I will never understand how we can delay justice for so long in a case like this.

The dates to watch for … Sept. 3rd of this year, where there will be a pre-trial conference … and Sept. 15, 2014, when Luka Rocco Magnotta will finally face trial.



  1. Here is a prediction from someone who knows Luka personally, intimately and VERRRRRY well… Luka is keeping his mouth shut tight at the moment, and admitting to nothing. A psychological evaluation will be conducted as a matter of course, and Luka will do everything that he can to ensure that he is found insane. He will be found Not Criminally Responsible, then transferred to a psych hospital, and given day passes, where he will escape. Luka was a big fan of the Greyhound killers, and has followed his case closely. Watch and see, Luka will be free in no time.

  2. Do not be so sure that Luka will never be freed… after all, his close friend (a diagnosed psychopath) Michelle Erstikaitis was declared a Dangerous Offender, and is free on the Streets of Toronto as we speak. The ARC blog has gotten hold of messages on Youtube from four years ago between those two, and they are sick and twisted. She was a fan of Paul Bernardo’s, and he was a fan of Karla Homolka’s. Four years ago, Michelle came up with the idea of ‘Serial killer adult snuff film’, making snuff videos about serial killer cases. She and Luka became friends, even though she was working in Politics at the time, and she tried to get him interested in politics along with her, but he didn’t have a political bone in his body. Michelle stopped talking to Luka for awhile, and Luka began to stalk her all over the internet, and in person. He would send her messages saying “What about Luka Magnotta” and “Don’t you still love Luka?” And show up hanging around the halfway house that she lived in, with little gifts to try to win her back. A couple of years later, the Toronto Sun wrote several articles about Michelle being dismissed from a Progressive Conservative political campaign in April 2011.

    It is a very bizarre coincidence that Luka decided to send body parts to members of Parliament, considering his link to Michelle Erstikaitis. I suggest you check out the ARC collective, and also Yourwardnews, where Michelle Erstikaitis is now a journalist who actually wrote a story about Luka for the April edition of the paper. I can see that you have a lot of stuff about Luka here, it is definately a fantastic site, but no offense, you don’t seem to have any real idea about Luka’s motives.
    Of course, if he is crazy, as he is no doubt doing his best to convince everyone that he is, then what sort of motive does he need? LOL…………….

    • The only person who knows the motive is Luka … the crown will convict him on the evidence they have … his mailing the body parts and flight from Canada will prove he knew what he did was wrong … this is not like the Greyhound bus beheading. Luka Magnotta will never live outside of prison walls again … just like Bernardo, he will die in prison.

  3. In the US, a number of prisons/jails provide little, if any mental health services and those who are ill continue to suffer. Does anyone know what mental assistance is available to Luka currently? I do not recall much of this topic being discussed anywhere, other than the brief mention of a psychiatrists report, which states that Luka was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic as a teenager. Anyone???

    I am enjoying the comments. Thanks again for keeping the page going.

  4. Here in Canada, we probably have more resources available for mental health patients than the USA … however, in Luka’s case … posting online about the pending murder and mailing the body parts will most likely land Luka in prison for life … and labeled a dangerous offender to never be released.

  5. I had hears the grey hound beheading was a product of an asshole posing as god in a mans task bar. The man had been trying to adapt to Canadian society by converting to christian beliefs system. Any chance that “god” was Luke? Any chance Luke participated in other snuff films and that the pair are fully aware of what they are doing? Who is actually profiting off of their fun? These two are a waste of good organs.

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