The “anonymousgirl4” thread started eight days before the murder on May 16th by Luka Magnotta – is STILL OPEN

June 19, 2012 // Clue, The May 15-16 postings

Now when I heard of the May 15-16 postings done by Luka Magnotta talking about the murder 10 days before it happened I could not believe it. On Wed. May 16 at 1am Luka is posting as anonymousgirl14 about the upcoming video 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick … the kicker is the thread is still open.

Another pre murder post where Luka posted on May 15, 2012 as babymaggie11 asking if anyone has seen the snuff video. Also note how in both postings Luka has misspelled. Luka has used the name babymaggie before as shown HERE.


  1. Not sure if this is already noted somewhere on this blog (I’m new here!), but “babymaggie” is one of Karla Homolka’s known online monikers; another of Magnotta’s attempts to bedazzle and confound through psychotic use of social networking.

    This point is discussed at length on the WKH2012 forum, of which I am a member. Regular users know Luka well, as he maintained a number of profiles there and at times used the forum to boost his persona, which of course, was all pure fantasy. We all knew of him, and knew that he was royally f*cked, but it was still the unpleasant surprise of a lifetime to discover him at the center of something so brutally awful and… well, real.

    So, so, so sad… I really am heartbroken over poor Jun Lin and his grieving family.

    • yeah … Luka seems to be a real piece of work … I wonder how deep they have dug into his life for the trial … they might just present the murder evidence and wrap things up quick.

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