Luka is tired of people trying to be like Luka HERE. He says “sometimes he cannot believe his reflection and that people think he is hotter than a prince. More rants about people hating on MySpace and Luka wants people to know he loves fur.

Luka wants to know why are guys so complicated HERE. He also talks more about himself, and his love of Michael Jacskon and Madonna.

Luka rambles on about how hard his life is HERE. He writes that there is nothing wrong with being bisexual and tells people not to be jealous about him. He finishes up with talking about his fingernail obsession.

Looks like Luka is not sure if Marilyn Monroe is alive or not HERE.

Luka talks about the dangers of aftermarket batteries HERE. He also has mentions Putin and gives insight into Telman Ismailov’s billion dollar hotel.

Luka posts about which neighbourhoods in Hollywood are unsafe and also wonders what to do about public erections. Written in his own words HERE.

The estrip postings

June 16, 2012 // Random

Luka Magnotta posted during a 10 day period from June 23 – July 1, 2009 a bunch of really strange ramblings on a site called – The followng entries are from that series – I call them The estrip postings they are also posted in the above posts.

I have to include the famous Mega Man video HERE … this guy was everywhere, he also posts an inspirational video to God Tube HERE.