I am putting this post in to credit a site I found online HERE created by a guy called Peter Parker … he put together a timeline that I learned a lot from and I want him to know that he inspired this Trial Blog. I haven’t searched them all, but as mentioned … cutelittlenemo1 could be a key to the murders on the west coast. Here is the list of his Luka names.

Luka Rocco Magnotta – Jimmy / Jim (escort name) – Vladimir Romanov – Katherine Tramell (refers to Basic Instinct) – TheScarface3030 – Currentnews40 – Rocco Magnotta – Alexis Valoranreich – Rita Van Volkenberg – Jamsey Cramsal – Mattia Del Santo – John Kilbride – Anna Mansfield – Angel (escort name) – Kirk Newman – Lina Collins – Vitaly Koslov – Vince Luciforia – Shane (while staying in NYC) –  Kirk Trammel (name on false passport, reference to Basic Instinct killer Catherine Trammel) – Grace Carpenter – amanda grace – canadianluka (for online escort accounts) – Luka Lukii – maggie lawson – Jayne Mansfield – Lesley Anne Downey (Moors Murder victim, created FB accounts under this name) – cutelittlenemo1 (possible lead to Hollywood Sign murder?).

While looking into Luka’s user name cutelittlenemo1 … (he usually uses it with the alias Vladimir Romanov), I found this chilling post HERE where Luka posts to a forum called Chris’s Crime Forum on Friday Aug. 12, 2011

“Its alarming how many psychopaths are walking among us”. 

He is responding to a forum about missing person Brandy Nicole Wilson.

What I also find interesting is that someone (maybe Luka himself) responded to this chilling post the day before he was arrested in Berlin.

This must be Luka puppet posting HERE on the 19th and  HERE on the 21st, then replying as user name “cutelittlenemo1” also note the date of Dec. 21, 2012 … Luka did a lot of posting on that date from Arizona.

Well I came across another Luka post HERE posted on that Dec. 21, 2011 date. This again puts Luka Magnotta on the west coast around the time of those other dismemberment murders.

He also posts HERE to the same forum on the same day asking What is the best type of sedative? I think liquid morphine is extremely quick , it doesnt take much time for the effects to start kicking in.”