There is not much to report about Luka Magnotta until the trial starts in Sept. 2015. Recently Magnotta’s ex girlfriend Barbie Swallows did an interview with the Toronto Sun, where she says Magnotta was extremely narcissistic.’

Now we have reports of how an American blogger name Kyle says he is co-ordinating tours and is interested in the case since “Luka’s very physically attractive” and “has a lot of personality.”

Give me a freakin break … seriously now, WTF is wrong with some people.

Anyhow, Barbie scoffs at the whole thing … she said Magnotta will enjoy the recognition showered upon him by Kyle and anyone taking the tours.

“He’s in love with himself,” she said. “ He only cares about himself and his public image. As long as people are still talking about him then he is satisfied.” … read more from the Toronto Sun HERE.


I had received an email not too long ago from an associate producer with CBC’s The Fifth Estate … we spoke on the phone about this blog and she told me they were researching for a show they were working on about Luka Magnotta.

Well, I just received an email from Barbie Swallows and she has confirmed that she did an Interview with them for a segment that is going to air today Friday Nov. 30. You can watch the complete program Hunting Magnotta online HERE.

I would like to thank Tarannum Kamlani, the associate producer with CBC’s The Fifth Estate for mentioning this website in the credits of  Hunting Magnotta.

Ever since I have been following this case there has been virtually nobody that has come forward and admitted to knowing Luka Magnotta. Well, we have a Daily Mail story HERE about Barbie Swallows another ex-lover of Luka Magnotta. The story is also reported HERE in the SUN about the time she and Luka Magnotta were dating back in 2006.

Thanks again Barbie for stopping by to leave a comment, and for replying to my email. Barbie sent me a couple of pics of her at the gay pride parade on Canada Day.

This is actually interesting because I have also written about Barbie Swallows in a post I wrote about the RipOff Report May 24 – 25 murder day postings. On that post I did, there is a link to a posting that again includes the mysterious misspelling of San Fransisco, posted on the day of the murder May 24, 2012.

I have to include this story HERE. It is really one of the only people that have said they knew Luka. I am wondering … where are all the rest of the people that knew Luka? I am going to update this thread only for the fact “Julie” appears to be Barbie Swallows

Monday Aug. 6, 2012 Barbie did confirm in an email that it was her giving the interview and she had used the name Julie because Luka was still on the run. She definitely had to be concerned for her safety.