The video below shows Luka Magnotta coming and going during the exact timeframe he murdered Jun Lin. The time stamp shows Magnotta lured his unsuspecting victim to his apartment at 5720 DeCarie Blvd. just after 10pm on May 24, 2012.

Less than 4 hours later, Magnotta comes strolling out the front door wearing the shirt of his murder victim … Magnotta has probably already killed Jun Lin at this point. He returns 5 minutes later carrying a bag and stops to check himself out in the mirror.

One half hour later at 10 to 3 in the morning, less than 5 hours since Jun Lin was seen alive walking into 5720 DeCarie Blvd. … Luka Magnotta is seen disposing of the first evidence from the murder he just committed. Magnotta appears an hour later at 4am to dump more bloody evidence.

Then at 6am, building maintenance comes by and unknowingly takes Magnotta’s grisly trash out to the curb … 7 hours later at 1pm, we see Magnotta again at the garbage … however, he’s wearing rubber gloves this time … I would suspect Magnotta has been cleaning up the murder scene this whole time.

Just after 2pm on the 25th, Magnotta returns from what appears to be some shopping. Then 3 hours later, just after 5pm, Magnotta is back at the garbage bins dumping more evidence. At half past 7, we see Magnotta returning from more errands, then we see Magnotta enter the lobby again at 9pm.

Just before 10pm, Magnotta is back at the garbage dumping more evidence … he moves some items from bin to bin, then stops to reach in and retrieve a piece of paper … he pauses to read it, and then stuffs it further down into the bin.

At 5:30am on May 26, we see Magnotta enter the lobby wearing the same Mickey Mouse shirt he is later filmed wearing at the airport. At 10 to 6am, he is seen dumping more evidence, however, this item is some sort of device with an electrical cord attached.

The last footage is Magnotta entering the building just before 5pm on May 26th … not long after this footage is taken, Magnotta boards a plane and flees to Paris France.

The real 1 Lunatic 1 IcePick murder video was uploaded to the internet by Luka Magnotta on May 25th … people were already responding to it by 9pm. This is the same video Luka Magnotta was posting about on May 15th … ten days before the murder. Seriously now Mr. Leclair … WTF are you going on about?


It has been a year since, according to police … Luka Magnotta murdered and dismembered Jun Lin in Apartment 208. The superintendent at the building, Eric Schorer has said, the renovated apartment, has since been rented … this is the second tenant to live in the unit since the grisly murder.

He doesn’t think the man, whom he described as a foreigner, knows anything about the past history of his current home.

“We don’t advertise it, obviously,” Schorer said.

Luka Magnotta Crime Scene Front Door Apt. 208

Forever the address known as Apartment 208 will be labeled with the Horror which happened there on May 24-25, 2012. There is a news story that includes a VIDEO showing the crime scene at 5720 DeCarie Blvd. Warning it is a bit GRAPHIC. Hear what the neighbours say about living next to Apartment 208 HERE. There is another video HERE outside of the building.

One of the strangest aspects I found about the crime scene is, why is all this bloody evidence left behind? The bloody sheet on the bed? The bed itself? The blood in the fridge? The fridge itself? There was a body part in that freezer as was shown in the online video. I just do not see how the media was even allowed into the apartment to take these pictures of this crucial evidence left behind.

The rest of the pics I have – Police gathering evidence from the crime scene HERE, a picture of the KITCHEN, a picture of the BATHROOM and you will notice that in the picture of the LIVING ROOM the furniture matches pictures Luka uploaded to his Flickr on Feb. 26, 2012. Not to mention the pictures of Luka Magnotta posing in front of the Casablanca Poster from the murder video.