Montreal Police find Jun Lin’s head on shore of pond in Angrignon Park

July 2, 2012 // Clue, Crime Scene, Trial News

UPDATED Wed. July 4, 2012, the reports coming out today are that police forensics have confirmed the grisly find is indeed the human head of murder victim Jun Lin. The latest news story can be read HERE.

Sunday July 1st Montreal police respond to information HERE that lead them to the 240 acre Angrignon Park, which is about a 15 minute drive from the crime scene found at 5720 Decarie Blvd. Angrignon Park is also at the end of a subway line and has a history for being a place that gay men have been known to frequent. The park grounds also include Fort Angrignon, a fortress filled with physical challenges involving mazes and rock climbing walls.

I am very curious about the information tip which is reported by the CBC as being a “tip” and is not a tip from a passerby, where did this tip come from? There is a video of the find HERE.

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