Magnotta Lawyer Steps Down Over Conflict of Interest Issue

March 13, 2013 // Trial News

Luka Magnotta’s legal team will continue with his remaining two lawyers, Toronto-based Luc Leclair and Montreal criminal attorney Pierre Panaccio. His third attorney Raphael Feldstein announced he would remove himself from the case after the Crown raised the issue about a possible conflict of interest.


The details of the alleged conflict, as with other evidence being presented during the preliminary hearing, are covered by a publication ban and cannot be reported.

Prosecutor Louis Bouthillier raised what he termed a “somewhat problematic” point of law during mid-morning testimony by Montreal police Sgt.-Det. Antonio Paradiso.

magnottaglassesMagnotta, wearing a dark sweater and glasses, seemed more alert than usual today. He crossed and uncrossed his arms, put his hand on his chin and appeared to be listening attentively.

Three members of the Montreal police force took the stand, including a constable and a crime-scene investigator.

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