Luka’s many puppet names

June 18, 2012 // Random

I am putting this post in to credit a site I found online HERE created by a guy called Peter Parker … he put together a timeline that I learned a lot from and I want him to know that he inspired this Trial Blog. I haven’t searched them all, but as mentioned … cutelittlenemo1 could be a key to the murders on the west coast. Here is the list of his Luka names.

Luka Rocco Magnotta – Jimmy / Jim (escort name) – Vladimir Romanov – Katherine Tramell (refers to Basic Instinct) – TheScarface3030 – Currentnews40 – Rocco Magnotta – Alexis Valoranreich – Rita Van Volkenberg – Jamsey Cramsal – Mattia Del Santo – John Kilbride – Anna Mansfield – Angel (escort name) – Kirk Newman – Lina Collins – Vitaly Koslov – Vince Luciforia – Shane (while staying in NYC) –  Kirk Trammel (name on false passport, reference to Basic Instinct killer Catherine Trammel) – Grace Carpenter – amanda grace – canadianluka (for online escort accounts) – Luka Lukii – maggie lawson – Jayne Mansfield – Lesley Anne Downey (Moors Murder victim, created FB accounts under this name) – cutelittlenemo1 (possible lead to Hollywood Sign murder?).

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