Luka Magnotta’s Lawyer Requests a Total Publication Ban

March 11, 2013 // Trial News

More than 600 journalists from around the world have been waiting since four o’clock this morning so they can get a seat in the courtroom to cover today’s hearing. Security is extremely tight, with everyone passing through electronic screening, similar to what is used in major airports.


Magnotta’s lawyers are requesting a full publication and media ban, meaning that the only people that will hear details about this case will be the prosecutors, the judge and a court clerk.

9:45 am – Jun Lin’s father, Diran Lin, who is in court, earlier told the QMI Agency:


“The pain of losing a loving son will never fade. There is nothing to say about Luka Rocco Magnotta … “It is my duty as the father to be there.” However, Jun Lin’s mother and his sister who are also in Montreal, have chosen to stay away from the court proceedings.

The court is told that the hearing will be in English and that Jun Lin’s father will be provided a translator.

10:00 am – Luka Magnotta appears in court … he is wearing a white t-shirt and white trousers. He is shackled and is sitting behind a protective glass screen … Magnotta at first, does not make direct eye contact with anyone.

10:20 am – Magnotta’s lawyer, Luc Leclair, is addressing the court and trying to get a media ban on proceedings. The defence has said the request stems from Magnotta’s past medical and personal history, saying “the ends of justice will be best served by doing so.”

10:35 am – Magnotta is accused of killing Jun Lin and posting a video online that shows him stabbing and having sex with the dismembered corpse. The case drew worldwide attention and sparked an international manhunt when Magnotta fled to Europe.

11:41 am – Global Montreal reporter Domenic Fazioli has said that Magnotta has his eyes closed and is leaning his head against the wall as his lawyer continues to explain why there should be a media ban.

11:53 am – Domenic Fazioli reports: “Looks like judge in Magnotta preliminary inquiry will take rest of the day to rule on media/public ban. Decision tomorrow morning.”

12:37 am – So it appears we won’t be getting a decision today about whether or not there will be a media ban on the preliminary hearing. Quebec Court Judge Lori Renee Weitzman will hear the case over the next four weeks. If it does proceed to trial, a different judge from The Quebec Superior Court will hear the case. Judge Lori Renee Weitzman will spend the rest of the day deciding on the ban, before letting everyone know her decision … which should be tomorrow.

Also noted in the courtroom … there were two young females who appeared to know Luka Magnotta. The first girl said she became friends with Luka when they modelled together in the past. The second girl was the only person Magnotta made eye contact with during the hearing. The second girl and Magnotta waved goodbye to each other … so it does appear they do actually know each other.

There is video coverage of reporting outside the courtroom HERE.

Luka Rocco Magnotta is seen in an artist’s sketch in a Montreal court on Monday, March 11, 2013. A preliminary hearing is set to start for Magnotta, the man charged in connection with the infamous body-parts case that made international headlines.Magnotta’s lawyers want the public and media barred from attending the hearing, which is to determine if there is enough evidence for a trial. – THE CANADIAN PRESS/Mike McLaughlin

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