Luka Magnotta’s Crime Scene Apartment has been Rented

May 28, 2013 // Random

It has been a year since, according to police … Luka Magnotta murdered and dismembered Jun Lin in Apartment 208. The superintendent at the building, Eric Schorer has said, the renovated apartment, has since been rented … this is the second tenant to live in the unit since the grisly murder.

He doesn’t think the man, whom he described as a foreigner, knows anything about the past history of his current home.

“We don’t advertise it, obviously,” Schorer said.

Luka Magnotta Crime Scene Front Door Apt. 208


  1. You must be crazy to not see that this chap is totally psychotic and enjoys the manipulation of facts to the real truths only to avoid punishment. Jail that is. #7 thou shalt not kill. He did eye for an eye he should be punished and the key tossed away for life. He killed cut and segmented body parts and mailed them all over the country – that surely was a plan of action and method to the psychotic madness, all even to his simple and well executed clean up of the murder. One not criminally responsible would not go back into the same location and sleep a quite night and this dude did.Wow!. The excuse Not mentally responsible. Of course one is going to be hyped up on brain drug while doing this type of murder. Murder it was and this guy is taking the absolute most lame excuse by his lawyer pushing this as a defense. This is going on way too long Karla Holmoka and Paul Bernardo – like come on law wake up and stop allowing these people to be released again only to do it again and again and again. This is true reverse to madness set upon the sane. This is not criminally responsible. He planned and asked 6 months prior ” What is it like to kill someone ” so think your okay with this. And you’d allow him into your house with your 3 yr old alone. Right. Something extremely gone wrong with the entire system.. “Don’t you think”. How is it 50 yrs ago the death sentence in some countries and the laws of man and so how they have reversed to indicating to public sectors – Killing is now okay. And it can simply be avoided in prosecution as to lamely excuse yourself saying ” I was insane at the time and I was not criminally responsible ” Lies upon lies and belief in the lies – then the truth behind the lie is just okay. What a justice system. Something is entirely wrong with this approach and allowance if this is going to go in his favor of a lame excuse. !! WOW.. Time to leave this rock of unbalanced law. Maybe time to carry guns again as the law – you don’t like a person – just shoot them – it be just fine and rightfully okay. I was insane for pulling the trigger. – Ah Butch where are you now !! .. Jesse James Life style. Simply take the law of the barrel as justice. Would be less a problem wasting many peoples times. He was wrong but right .. hmmmmm. Thou Shalt Not Kill.. EVER ! but then again – it is okay. Go little boy and don’t but do it again .. I am now confused. Sounds like a roundabout wrong of wrongs

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