Luka Magnotta enters not-guilty pleas … again

November 14, 2013 // Trial News

I don’t really know why Luka Magnitta was back in court again yesterday … this trial is going to cost a freakin fortune.

Magnotta’s jury trial is set to begin on Sept. 8, 2014. Magnotta’s lawyer, Luc Leclair, filed a series of motions he intends to argue early next year.

Superior Court Justice Guy Cournoyer said he hopes the two sides in the case will resolve the issues before the February hearing date … the story continues HERE.



  1. the youtube user catrescuesociety was made by luka himself with a video of himself talking in a dumb accent. this person is 100%% luka. the video seems to of been ignored. it will never be removed from youtube since its creator is in jail forever.
    go watch it and listen. only a moron would believe it to be someone other than luka.

  2. Couldn’t they arrest him now? They do have the video! Also, on your earlier posts about that creepy blog named “ande” or something, apparently that was the name of one of his sock puppet accounts

  3. As best I can tell, Magnotti has been a possible person of interest in other killings, including those of Valerie LeBlanc, Harvey Medlin, Omar Laparra, Hua Guang Liu, and Mila Johnson. Do you know about these or other possible killings? I get the feeling that this was not his first and only killing.

  4. I got the name from a Luka Magnotta timeline.

  5. Why they don’t arrest him already ?. There is not much to say anymore everything is on the desk. I don’t know rly much about the Canadian laws but this is taking too much time, money and patience.

    A question about this drawing above.. is he actually got fat?. He looks really fat.

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