Janitor from Luka Magnotta’s Building Testifies

March 15, 2013 // Trial News

The janitor who worked at Luka Magnotta’s building when the grisly murder occurred, took the stand at the accused murderer’s preliminary hearing today.

Michael Nadeau appeared somewhat nervous as Crown attorney Louis Bouthillier questioned him.

At one point during the janitor’s testimony, Magnotta’s face turned red and he dabbed his eyes, bowed his head and rested his head on his chin.

A publication ban prevents the media from reporting on the evidence that provoked the reaction from Luka Magnotta.

MNadeauLater in the day … testimony by a bloodstain expert caused the father of Jun Lin, Diran Lin to become faint and stumble out of the courtroom.

Evidence by bloodstain analyst Jacinthe Prevost prompted the victim’s father to leave his seat and walk unsteadily out of the packed courtroom, propped up by his lawyer and a translator.

Quebec court Judge Lori-Renee Weitzman watched the scene with an expression of concern, but testimony continued on. Diran Lin returned but he later left the room a second time in tears.


A young man who bears a resemblance to Magnotta has been in the courtroom this week, identifying himself as Kyle from Raleigh, N.C.

The slightly-built, boyish-looking man with sharp features and short brown hair says he drove 1,400 km over three days to watch the hearing.

He sat in the seat closest to Magnotta in the public gallery, gazing at him several times … Luka Magnotta did not return his gaze.

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