Emily Bordelais is Karla Homolka and she DID briefly date Luka Magnotta

June 17, 2012 // Random

According to the blog HERE titled “Emily Bordelais is Karla Homolka,” Luka did date Karla for a short period of time. Karla broke it off for fear of the media attention their relationship would stir. Also if you read the comments HERE, there are a lot of comments that Luka added.

Strangely enough I have been trying to find Karla’s sister Lori’s Facebook page (she has changed her name to Logan Valenitni), Lori Homolka had Luka, Vladimir Romanov as a friend. She has taken it down since the murder.

Update today Thurs. June 28, 2012 – I want to add this HERE, it is a story about an interview with Karla Homolka from 2008 that includes some comments about Luka Magnotta (some even appear to be Luka commenting while on the run in Paris). You might as well look at this HERE, more mention of Luka and Karla.


  1. Actually her sister is still on fb as Logan Valentini and if you look in her profile pics there is a cute little mixed race baby girl who is Karla’s daughter Auriele

  2. What Luka Magnotta has a wife and a son???? Poor child, and wow I didn’t even know that

  3. Testament to the weakness of the victims’ families that this piece of garbage is still alive. What is wrong with people? I’d have dissected her into 300 pieces and pissed on them all.. on video.

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