Well the Luka news has come to a crawl … which is fine as it was a little much at the beginning. Today a letter arrived for Luka HERE causing the Postal service to go on high alert.

The idea for the porn gig sting operation HERE was hatched by Rescue Ink, a group of animal activists based out of Queens, New York and involved probably the biggest name in porn Ron Jeremy. Their membership includes police officers, military personnel and several heavily tattooed “street guys.” Not that tattoos mean anything (I have my own fair share of tats).

Ever since I have been following this case there has been virtually nobody that has come forward and admitted to knowing Luka Magnotta. Well, we have a Daily Mail story HERE about Barbie Swallows another ex-lover of Luka Magnotta. The story is also reported HERE in the SUN about the time she and Luka Magnotta were dating back in 2006.

Thanks again Barbie for stopping by to leave a comment, and for replying to my email. Barbie sent me a couple of pics of her at the gay pride parade on Canada Day.

This is actually interesting because I have also written about Barbie Swallows in a post I wrote about the RipOff Report May 24 – 25 murder day postings. On that post I did, there is a link to a posting that again includes the mysterious misspelling of San Fransisco, posted on the day of the murder May 24, 2012.

Update Feb. 2, 2013 – I found this blog HERE, which is very strange … the first post is before the murder on May 15th 2012 … then there are a couple of posts in June after Luka’s arrest. One in particular mentions a MISSING PERSON … this could be a hoax (maybe it is Destiney St. Denis) … whoever wrote this, also misspells Sanfransisco.


My thoughts go out to Jun Lin’s family as most of us will never feel the pain they must feel for what has happened to their son. The news story of the memorial is HERE including the entire text of the eulogy given by his mother. The service was held at Concordia University’s Loyola Campus.

Please also note: Concordia University is handling donations to the Jun Lin Family Fund, set up by Concordia’s Chinese Student Association.

Seeing as Luka will probably be out of the news for a while (unless something big breaks with this case). I wanted to put some Links up that lead to Luka’s Facebook, his Twitter and his Flickr accounts. Are they still up because of “the innocent until proven guilty theory” or is there some other reason they have not been disabled?

Sept 25, 2012 … I just noticed Luka’s Facebook account is gone from online.

Nov 13, 2012 … I noticed Luka’s Twitter account has recent activity … someone knows his password.

Are the Police hoping for someone other than Luka to log into those accounts? Also note that in the pictures posted to his Flickr account, some of the pictures match from the Crime Scene … including the ones of Luka posing in front of the Casablanca poster in the murder video.

Then there is this story HERE about Luka’s sick wack-job fans liking him on Facebook. The administrator of the fan site is 21-year-old super fan Destiney St. Denis who hails from Saskatoon, she goes on to say about the murder video:

 “I have seen the video over 20 times. I do think that was him, and I liked it. He is inspirational because he is not afraid to be himself.”

Well it looks like Destiney is having a change of heart and is now apologizing for her Luka Magnotta fan site HERE. Her parents must be thinking WTF.

Thought I would post this HERE. I found it at abproject.org please be warned all the GRAPHIC kitten killing evidence including the videos are there.

Luka posts to a sex forum on July 12, 2009 as marilynmonroe4 HERE … again be warned the posting is quite GRAPHIC. The last Luka post is right HERE … and finally … who is this girl in the picture? … she looks miserable.

I have to quote this guy – despite the allegations, Dane says “he still has compassion for Magnotta and admits that he is likely one of the few people who do.” You can read the story online HERE or the video can be seen HERE.

Dane speaks about Luka Magnotta

About 5 months ago a reward HERE was offered for Luka’s capture to the tune of $5,000 and also Last Chance for Animals offered a reward of $7,500 for the capture of Luka Magnotta HERE.