There is no doubt in my opinion … Luka Magnotta is guilty of Premeditated First Degree Murder. The gall of the defense in this case is completely disgusting.

This guy Magnotta is cut from the same cloth as the Paul Bernardos of society … and Magnotta’s lawyer wants to argue he should not be held criminally responsible because of mental illness.

WTF is going on here?

Magnotta planned this murder … posted about it online … then shockingly committed it. He then thought he could avoid detection and flee Canada … while dropping bloody body parts in the mail.

This guy is totally responsible and knows what he is doing … Magnotta is now playing the Canadian Justice system like a seasoned pro … I would bet his lawyer has probably coached him on how their guilty but not criminally responsible defense will play out.

IMO … the only justice that could ever bestow this monster?

Luka Magnotta deserves to be executed.

There is not much to report about Luka Magnotta until the trial starts in Sept. 2015. Recently Magnotta’s ex girlfriend Barbie Swallows did an interview with the Toronto Sun, where she says Magnotta was extremely narcissistic.’

Now we have reports of how an American blogger name Kyle says he is co-ordinating tours and is interested in the case since “Luka’s very physically attractive” and “has a lot of personality.”

Give me a freakin break … seriously now, WTF is wrong with some people.

Anyhow, Barbie scoffs at the whole thing … she said Magnotta will enjoy the recognition showered upon him by Kyle and anyone taking the tours.

“He’s in love with himself,” she said. “ He only cares about himself and his public image. As long as people are still talking about him then he is satisfied.” … read more from the Toronto Sun HERE.


Mark Marek, the owner of the website that posted the 1 Lunatic 1 IcePick video showing the alleged killing of Jun Lin by Luka Rocco Magnotta has been arrested in Edmonton and charged with corrupting morals.

Police said a year-long investigation that began shortly after the murder of Jun Lin in Montreal has led to the charge against 38 year old Mark Marek. They also mentioned, there could be more charges … read more from The Star HERE.


It has been a year since, according to police … Luka Magnotta murdered and dismembered Jun Lin in Apartment 208. The superintendent at the building, Eric Schorer has said, the renovated apartment, has since been rented … this is the second tenant to live in the unit since the grisly murder.

He doesn’t think the man, whom he described as a foreigner, knows anything about the past history of his current home.

“We don’t advertise it, obviously,” Schorer said.

Luka Magnotta Crime Scene Front Door Apt. 208

A lot of people are outraged that the Luka Magnotta murder case has been voted News Story of the Year by the Canadian Press. I am sure the backlash comes from putting Magnotta and this unbelievably gruesome case on top of all news stories in 2012. The fact the story went to the top of the news heap is the nature of the crime and how it was advertised online before the murder took place. Personally, I do believe this is the news story of 2012, and depending on what transpires during the trial … may also be the news story of 2013.


I had received an email not too long ago from an associate producer with CBC’s The Fifth Estate … we spoke on the phone about this blog and she told me they were researching for a show they were working on about Luka Magnotta.

Well, I just received an email from Barbie Swallows and she has confirmed that she did an Interview with them for a segment that is going to air today Friday Nov. 30. You can watch the complete program Hunting Magnotta online HERE.

I would like to thank Tarannum Kamlani, the associate producer with CBC’s The Fifth Estate for mentioning this website in the credits of  Hunting Magnotta.

Another case has come up that I have been writing about … The John McAfee Story is about the uber rich multi-millionaire internet pioneer who founded the world famous McAfee anti-virus software company that bears his name.

As I write this story John McAfee is on the run and in hiding after being accused of executing his neighbour with a bullet to the back of the head. … read the whole case unfold at

I don’t know what is going on with this case as the story is just unfolding … just thought I would put the story HERE. It is extremely rare to have murders involving decapitated bodies, even in a city as large as Toronto.
Update Mon. Aug. 20, HERE police have found more body parts in East Toronto.

Update Tues. Aug. 21, police have identified the victim and there is more on the story HERE.
Update Mon. Aug. 27, HERE police have charged the former boyfriend with murder.
Update Wed. Sept. 5, police have found more body parts in a suitcase near Bluffer’s Park … and another update on the torso found in the Niagara river … it belongs to yet another unnamed victim.

Some of you may have been reading my blog Luka Magnotta … is this for real? at

That is where I started this blog back in June … I decided to give it a new look before the Trial starts, therefore I moved it over here and called it

I will continue to keep things updated as the story unfolds.

Jun Lin’s family has shown a lot of strength in dealing with this tragic situation. I wish them all the best moving forward. Jun Lin’s mother was not present at the public funeral held HERE for her son. It must be just too overwhelming.