Are We Actually Seeing Tears From Magnotta and His Lawyer?

March 14, 2013 // Trial News

Yesterday, Judge Weitzman asked defence lawyer Luc Leclair and his colleagues to consider the conflict of interest issue. After a break, Leclair only managed to say a few words before falling back into his chair … and seriously now … breaking down in tears.

The judge then ordered bailiffs to clear the courtroom so Leclair could get a grip on himself.


Today … Magnotta dabbed his eyes as a piece of evidence was shown, but it wasn’t clear if the alleged killer actually¬†shed any tears. As a homicide detective made her presentation, Magnotta lifted his hand to one eye, then the other … however, it was difficult to see if his eyes were watering … he later covered his mouth several times during her testimony.

Two Montreal homicide detectives and a police computer analyst took the stand during today’s testimony.

A British journalist who once interviewed Magnotta was surprised to receive a subpoena … Alex West, from the Sun in London, England, spoke to Luka Magnotta in December 2011 while the accused killer was living in Britain, and yesterday he was told … today he would be taking the stand.

Prosecutor Louis Bouthillier asked West a question at which point the witness looked directly at Magnotta when he responded … however, Luka Magnotta didn’t flinch … he looked straight back at him.


Magnotta’s defence team twice showed frustration with Quebec Court Judge Lori-Renee Weitzman. Attorney Luc Leclair objected to a piece of evidence at one point, raising his voice before plopping down in his chair … then later in the afternoon Magnotta’s other lawyer, Pierre Panacchio, appeared to lose patience with the judge during a request … also raising his voice while he abruptly walked away.

Judge Lori-Renee Weitzman has dismissed all of the defence’s motions, and most of their many objections, during the first four days of court ptoceedings.

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